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Kathrein Solutions is a consolidated global giant in the field of RFID solutions and radio communication, standing out as a reference in the telecommunications and information technology industry. Located in Stephanskirchen, Germany, its history dates back to 1919, leaving a trail of excellence and innovation throughout more than a century of operations.

The Kathrein Solutions catalog is diverse and robust, housing products and services ranging from antenna systems and transponders to RFID readers and software, all without forgetting the customized solutions designed to meet the specific needs of their customers. The versatility of their offer is reflected in their wide customer base, composed of companies operating in a multitude of sectors. These include logistics, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and energy, demonstrating the reach and relevance of Kathrein solutions in today's business landscape.

As a brand, Kathrein Solutions represents a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, being a company rooted in a solid history, but with an eye on the future technological trends. At the heart of their philosophy is the commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making Kathrein Solutions a reliable partner for any company looking to optimize their processes through RFID technology.


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