RFID Fixed Readers

RFID Readers for forklifts

Data capture and mobility to the limit, RFID readers for forklifts and mobile transport are the elements of the modern hardware for automated movement recording.

Product Description

The forklifts transport pallets, boxes, containers, items from one place to another, performing different functions. With Dipole Tracking system prepared for all types of trucks, the following technologies are combined:

  • Advanced mobility software
  • Positioning technology
  • Data capture technology
  • This achieves unprecedented reliability and speed for the identification and tracking of products, pallets, assets, containers, etc.

With Dipole technology RFID readers for forklifts are the ideal support for your business processes such as moving goods, automated shipments and loading dock reception, tracking returnable containers, tracking work in progress, replenishment operations, the tracking of finished products and all kinds of applications for asset tracking.

  • Frequency: UHF (860 - 960 MHz)
  • International Standard: EPC Class 1 Gen 2 & ISO 18000-6C
  • Antennas: robust to withstand blows.

Each truck needs a different solution, although it is always based on common elements. Dipole systems for forklifts use different brands of devices depending on the features that are needed. So we have:

  • RFID terminals
  • Own positioning systems
  • Detectors of floor, ceiling and presence of product
  • PDA's or PC's mobibles, for trucks
  • Tracking and inventory software