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Data Suite™ is the ideal software platform for intelligent data capture and management aqcuired through RFID, NFC, Barcode and other tracking technologies.

Software Data Suite Product Description

The ideal platform for intelligent data capture and management software. Data Suite ™ What is it?

  • A software platform conceived and designed to intelligently capture dynamic data in any business structure
  • Captured data is managed intelligently by allowing you to make smart, practical and quick decisions.
  • This software is able to monitor in real time the physical movements of goods, containers, people, and other returnable assets without human intervention.
  • It integrates easily into any ERP, WMS, MES, enterprise management software or any other application, including Kanban, Lean and others.

The main features of Data Suite are:

  • Cross-System ID: Can be used with any data capture technology or in combination with others.
  • Plugin Integration: Contains various plugins to connect to a wide variety of computing platforms.
  • Plug & Play, Simple and User Friendly: Install, connect and operate. No need to learn the RFID and NFC technologies in depth. Data Suite does the work for you: 
    • Connect the system to your hardware and start reaping its benefits
    • Comes with several pre-defined scenarios,which can also be configured.
    • Provides the data in a ready to use format: "what" has been read, "where" it was read and "when" it was read.
    • Additional options include letting you capture the "state" and "purpose"