RFID: Smart Identification, Traceability and IOT.


Dipole RFID solutions is dedicated to providing all of the services and support required in the effective acquisition of information and data pertaining to the actual status and condition of a product, item or article. Obtaining a simplified and automated capture of information in essential business processes, as well as adding security and authenticity in real time to your operations are just some of the benefits you will experience with Dipole's RFID solutions and services.

RFID Products

  • Smart Labels
  • Smartrac Dogbone Monza 4 Wet Inlay
  • Reader UHF impinj
  • Antenna Universal UHF
  • Printer Zebra R110xi4 UHF
  • Handheld Reader USB ThingMagic
  • Printer Zebra ZD500R UHF


Find the right application for your business or solution that meets their needs

Readers and Antennas

Wide variety of readers and antennas with accessories

Neurona Software

Software package solution based on the neuron, traceability, APIs and SDKs

Tags and Labels

Wide variety of tags and labels, for all sectors, RFID and NFC

RFID, Item Intelligence, Process optimization, Control, Integration


With Dipole's complete range of RFID solutions, you will be able to track the movements of your items and inventory instantly, greatly reduce administrative work in data management, capture information of your tagged items, increasing intelligence about your physcial items, and much more,

Elements that differentiate Dipole Solutions:

  • Manufacture of RFID Tags and Labels 
  • Providing the latest market leading products and brands such as Impinj and Smartrac
  • Experts in Neuron Software solutions, ideal for linking with ERP
  • Complete Cloud Solutions for tracking and reading tags no matter your location
  • Experts in handling multi-faceted projects of implementation for business processes

With Dipole Solutions and Smart Identification services can be found in one place, one company, so that your goals and needs are met with the most effective and complete RFID solution.