Dipole RFID's broad range of services cover all factors for optimal implementation of intelligent RFIDidentification in your business processes, helping you to gain competitive advantage and full visibility of your processes.

Dipole has a wide range of RFID services that will guarantee successful implementation and full support in all aspects of RFID tracking and management for your business.  You will benefit from the employment of maximum performance RFID hardware and software. We also manufacture and develop in house the RFID tags and labels according to your specific goals and needs.

As part of our RFID services support, Dipole will advise you which technology and devices are right for your business, how the implementation process will get done, how the RFID systems are to be integrated with your current processes and what to expect for optimal performance.

Our accumulation of experience in bringing RFID Solutions to businesses provides us with a rich and robust understanding of the details and practical steps needed for successful integration and implementation.