Traceability and the Supply Chain

Complete visibility of the supply chain is possible and obtaining traceability with RFID technology will benefit you greatly in your reduction of resources required to manage the supply chain.

Intelligent Traceability and Process Optimization go hand in hand

Throughout the supply chain, the continual exchange of information and goods takes place seamlessly within the different links that compose it. Each "chain actor" performs a dual function: receiving goods and shipping gooods, receiving orders andd information and processing deliveries using said data. 

As shown in the chart above, an "Internal Traceability" and "External Traceability" are created, each chain depending on and intimately linked to the other in the exchange of information.

Internal traceability

External traceability

If merchandise received is accurately identified and you are able to automatically capture that information at the time and place of reception, you will have saved tremendously on time and resources and faster decisions can be made in the movement of such goods and items. 

Challenges companies face in "HOW TO OBTAIN TRACEABILITY" can be summarized as follows:


Data and information from the beginning to the end of each process


The data in real time for use in subsequent processes


The data accurately for printing labels and reports


The data with the ERP itself, with third parties or with the next link in the chain