Stock and Inventory with RFID

Using RFID technology, you won't have to worry about manually managing stock and inventory. You will acquire all the necessary data in real time, with accuracy and reliability, helping you to make decisions in a faster and more efficient way.

Instantly know the stock or inventory of your business

Instantly know the stock or inventory of your business with intelligent RFID management using the Data Suite™ software and the inventory module created by Dipole RFID.

With intelligent recording of information and data you will obtain:

Control and real-time

Control and real-time recording of all movements of products and operational tasks.

Generating key business data

And recording loading dates, times or other properties.

Comprehensive overview

Comprehensive overview of your goods or stock at every moment.

Elimination of unproductive data

Elimination of unproductive data recording and information gathering by manual methods (remove administrative work that does not add value to the product).

Real knowledge of the situation

Status or location of each item, even when an item has been moved to an incorrect location.

Instant registration

Instant and automatic doorway registration movement between warehouses, warehouse-store locations.


Alerts by date, lots or other KPI of your business.


Mobility and knowledge of the availability of items in remote locations, allowing you to access information wherever, whenever you need it.

Data Suite™ Inventory, Smart Inventory Management

Data Suite is the ideal software platform for the intelligent control and management of your stock and inventory.

This robust software does it all: it records the movements and operations of your items in real time, without human intervention, and allows you to have full access and visibility to your stock online and live.  Updated instantly without "batch" processes and able to send you information alerts based on your own criteria. You can view information where any type of event occurs that affects your item, helping you to make timely and correct decisions.

Data Suite™ Inventory software is designed for:

Storage of raw materials and finished products

Distribution centers

Perishable products, with alerts by date or lots

Fruit and Vegetable production management, for all types of SAT

Retail, with merchandise management and point of sale pre-sale

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices and hospitals

More information on the Data Suite Inventory Software module: see page Data Suite ™