RFID tunnels


The Dipole tunnels are optimized for any sector where it is necessary to read many rfid tags in a short time. Any technical question or need that you have, please contact us.

Product Description

The RFID tunnels have been designed for logistical use and are RFID tag readers that execute mass readings and recordings of tags in blocks (boxes, trays, etc.). All the information captured is displayed on your control screen, which can then be used to correctly direct your products. The tunnels are very productive in the processes of entering merchandise in warehouses, verifying customer exits or recording articles.

Designed for logistics processes, the Dipole RFID tunnel can be easily customized and adapted to your infrastructure.

It is developed to read boxes with RFID tags inside. We have two versions: tunnel with integrated tape, or only tunnel. The size can be adapted according to the needs.

Together with the datasuite dipole software, it presents a solution that allows to improve the logistics processes in the distribution centers or factories by reading massively each of the products that a box contends ensuring the unit traceability.

Built in a modular way and with RF insulation.

  • Frequency: Global 860 - 960 MHz
  • International Standard: EPC Class 1 Gen 2; ISO 18000-6C