RFID Fixed Readers

RFID Software Impinj Rain

Software that runs internally in the reader both Speedway and the Xportal. It allows fast configuration and supports multiple protocols. The objective is to decrease the development expenses in software and middleware. We can adapt the internal software tailored to your needs.

Product Specifications

Impinj sowftware enhances RAIN RFID systems by allowing easy acces and control of readers and gateway with simple integration into yor existing systems. Impinj ItemSense software allows businesses to manage inventory, track items within a facility, enable omnichannel fulfillment and reduce theft. ItemSense software:

  • Agreggates and transforms data from endpoint reads
  • Delivers Item Intelligence to enterprise and consumer applications
  • Configures, manages and control readers and gateways

Impinj ItemEncode supports tag encoding, including writing business relevant data to tagged items, while Impinj ItemVerify supports the verification of carton contents as they are transported on conveyor lines.