RFID Portals

The intelligent RFID portals offerd by Dipole RFID are designed for the instant control of movements and reading in passageways, doors, loading docks and other such gateways.

These products and technology is ideal for increasing productivity and ensuring accurate data capture. RFID portals designed by Dipole are designed for 100% automization of movements of goods.

The Dipole intelligent RFID portal is ideal for:

  • Record movement data in Real Time
  • Record movement data without Human Intervention
  • Ensure that movements are recorded
  • Immediately notify of erroneous or unforeseen movements
  • Check Expeditions avoiding subsequent errors and corrections
  • Check Reception of orders even with expiration dates and batches

Intelligent Dipole RFID portals, feature

  • Compact, all in one block
  • Versatile, for Impinj, Intermec, Motorola and all types of market readers
  • Luminous alarm, to indicate the status of the reader
  • Audible alarm, to indicate erroneous readings
  • Relay outputs, to activate doors, beacons or communicate with PLC's

RFID Portals

RFID Portals

They make inventories, detect products and people, control transit directions automatically. Ideal for use in most sectors: from manufacturing environments, hospitals and stores.

Easy to install and simple to integrate with your ERP. They cover from 93 m2 to 140 meters2 each reader. These RFID systems allow you to control different zones and detection areas controlling movements and positions.

From Dipole we can help you develop an application or you can use our RFID softwares that allow the control of xSpan and xArray.

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