RFID Car Labels

Windshield RFID Label

We manufacture quality labels for the identification of vehicles.  These labels can be used for manufacturing and logistics operations of vehicles, as in the casee of access control to parking areas and doorways.  This is a tough and reliable label made to last and comes with an anti-void option.

Product Description

  • Frequency: 860 - 960 MHz
  • International Standard: EPC Class 1 Gen 2; ISO 18000-6C Quality Assurance
  • Integrated Circuit (IC): M4D, M4QT, NXP Ucode, MR6
  • Reading Range: 7-11 meters depending on surface and reader.
  • Material: White PET
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Units per roll: 2,500 units
  • Size: 100 x 30 mm / 3.93 x 1.18 "
  • Optional services: printing and coding.
  • Applications: Identification of plastic boxes, machinery, tools, IT, furniture, etc.
  • Models: available with anti-void