Standard RFID Label

Textile RFID Label Dipole

Textile rfid labels for logistic applications can be sewn inside products or clothing. Available in several sizes, it can be used as a composition label and is manufactured with different materials depending on the washing resistance you need.

Product Description

Dipole TEXTIL is a family of RFID textile labels. These labels are sewn on clothing, footwear, household textiles, etc. During the manufacturing process, and stay inside them at all times, thus allowing to control all the processes of production, logistics, distribution and sale. They are also very useful for industrial products, for which Dipole has materials that resist industrial washing. Benefits:

  • Durable and resistant
  • Product tracking possibilities by introducing RFID from the begining
  • Totally customizable

Product details:

  • Frequency: Global 860 - 960 MHz
  • Integrated circuit (IC): M4D, M4QT, Ucode 7, 8, G2im, G2il, Impinj Monza R6P
  • Size: Totally customizable, exemple: 45 x 75 mm
  • EPC Class 1 Gen 2; ISO 18000-6C Quality Assurance
  • Materials: Nylon, Polyester, recycled
  • Layers: One or two layers
  • Services: Printing and encoding

Preferred uses: Dipole textil is recomended for clothing, textile and home, general textile, matresses, furniture, automotive, etc. Ask us about what other sectors and processes our products are useful for.