Encoding and Printing

RFID and NFC Label Printing and Encoding

At Dipole RFID, we print and encode multiple varieties of different labels according to the chip being used, protection range, paper qualities. Please contact us for more information and capabilities about our printing and encoding services for RFID and NFC tags.


Why do you need encoding?

Rfid tags usually come with a unique factory ID which can be sequential or not depending on the type of IC. Normally these ID's are not in the desired format for the applications that are required when identifying products or people. We can offer you the tags prepared and encoded for your specifica application or we can give you tools to codify yourself.

Customization of tags

  • We can customize and encode tags with the data you request.
  • Print and encode a barcode.
  • Print images, QR or other necessary data.
  • Encrypt information

How can we encode in rfid tags?

  • Data from 96 bits up to 496 bits: encode the EPC
  • Decimal or Hexadecimal format.
  • Encrypt tags with passwords in their corresponding memory,
  • Other types upon request

How can we customize in NFC tags?

  • Web pages or URL
  • Texts or ID numbers
  • Contact Information
  • Other types of information