RFID in Perishables

The guarantee to the final consumer is the most tangible benefit in the use of RFID technology in perishables such as food, medicines and health.

Safety for the end customer is the main objective for manufacturers or producers of perishable products. Perishables are considered those items that lose their properties in short spans of time, either because they need to be maintained by cool temperatures or because they lose their properties upon opening the package or other circumstances.

There are 4 main types of industries that fall under this category:

Suppliers of fresh and precooked foods

Pharmaceuticals & healthcare industries

Storage of blood, blood bags, containers, etc.

Industrial technical products

Processes where RFID Adds Value

RFID in Perishables. The processes of the food and pharmaceutical sectors have similar connotations with different requirements. This is where RFID adds indisputable value; by allowing us to identify the materials, processes and tasks of employees, pulling and recording data from the beginning to end.

Companies typically see an improvement rate between 20% to 60% in areas where there are significant losses.

Control and traceability of the contents of each package, pallet or container

Management of buckets, refrigerators, cars, crates, boxes, cases and other assets

Expiration alert management and other custom alerts

Control of tasks in production processes

Pulling information in real time to have full visibility to the current status or situation of an item

Traceability and Management is Essential

Dipole RFID specializes in and offers the capabilities of obtaining, tracking and managing key functions of perishable goods, which include: consumption and expiration dates, batch packaging, container, crate and bins management, registration of movement of goods and data in "Real Time" without human intervention.

With Dipole RFID's software, you can obtain traceability from origin to final delivery, pulling all information on products, processes, machinery, and tasks that must be accomplished in order to successfully deliver to the customer.

Application sectors:


Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Technical products