RFID Food Safety

Ensure a quality product, find a product when you need it, set alerts, and many more food safety management operations at any point in the process with RFID Food Safety.

In the Food Industry, proper food safety and care requires special production processes. Dedicated time and safety regulations for each item must be strategically put in place for effective results.

Precise and time sensitive capture of data will enable you to ensure products with consistent quality.

Some data points necessary for accurate traceability in the food safety sector include:

Consume by dates

Proper manufacturing and packaging

Variable weights, raw weights, and net weights

Registration of conditions such as temperature, humidity, etc

Time, food care requirements, and processing conditions

Registration of movements between washing/drying phases

Processes where RFID Adds Value

RFID Food Safety and Care. According to the standards set by the Food Industry, two elements become virtually indispensable when capturing the data needed to ensure quality and safety:

RFID tags fixed to crates, cages, trolleys, supports, etc.

Data logging in doorways and other passage locations

RFID in the food industry

Movements log

Movements log

Using RFID technology, we can record any movement between drying chambers, or curing areas, and even flips in the case of cheese and related products.

RFID tags for Cages

RFID tags for Cages

Applying RFID tags in cages, containers or frames, we can detect their movements without human intervention. Strategically placed the tags are robust and resistant and can carry a code printed.

Guarantee deliveries

Guarantee deliveries

By dragging the information from the beginning of the processes you can easily guarantee the quality of the product delivery to the customers, key point for a good loyalty.