Novelty Dipole last generation timing RFID tag

Dipole has launched on the market this week the thinnest RFID timing tag on the market. This label, which measures 0.8 mm thick, joins the 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm products that Dipole has been offering for years for races, marathons, bikes, trails, motocross, triathlons, rallies, skis, etc.

Thousands of Dipole RFID tags are used daily to time hundreds of races around the world. The experience in the development of this type of labels is very high since Dipole has been working for many years for the largest companies in the sector. For this reason, it has decided to develop a new range of thin RFID labels so that the customer can save on costs and space, obtaining the same result. The Dipole tag is the most effective sports timing tag on the market today.

Dipole takes into account that sports timing must be effective and safe, and cannot afford to miss detection. RFID tags give reading rates close to 100%. The label, which allows the immediate obtaining of the results at the end of the test, obtaining the same by categories, clubs, etc., is easily attached to the athlete's bib and withstands sweat and temperatures well.


Dipole RFID is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the intelligent identification, data capture and systems integration sector. The Dipole team has the experience of having carried out more than 5,000 installations in end users on traceability, identification, labeling and data capture, in addition to being the pioneers in the introduction of RFID technology in Spain. Dipole is the pioneer in the introduction of RFID at an industrial level in Spain since 2003 and has a presence in 60 countries.

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