RFID Applications

Practical and user friendly intelligent RFID applications which are customized to each industry or sector are deployed for the sole purpose of making business processes faster and more efficient and reliable.

RFID Applications: Reducing Operating Costs

The solutions developed by Dipole RFID cover a wide range of RFID sectors, deploying the appropriate applications to control processes where necessary.

Identifying products, goods or people intelligently

Capturing data and events during item movements and processes

Sharing the captured data with business management, ERP, WMS, MES and other

Sharing relevant data or info with third parties, members of the supply chain or any specified user group

At Dipole RFID, we understand that your business processes require simplification, greater efficiency and an overall reduction in operating costs from expensive and often times repetetive processes that do not add value to your operations.

Dipole RFID applications will provide you with:

Automated and reliable capture of data, movements and tasks.

Elimination of non-value tasks

Ability to enter hundreds or thousands of data points per minute in your ERP or computer system without human intervention

RFID Applications: Working with Real-Time Data and Security

The ability to make decisions in real time with reliable and secure data is one of the most powerful tools in this competitive economy. You can out-perform your competitors with Dipole RFID applications.

Real-Time Data, reliable and free of human error

Intelligent data that allows you to make quick and safe decisions 

Having accurate knowledge of your assets, goods, containers and products in real-time

Knowing any and all of the incidents or exceptions that occur in each moment, wheree and when they occur