Project Management

Dipole RFID offers full project management services for intelligent identification, from design and implementation to training and after-sales tracking.

It is no simple task to design and manage the implementation of intelligent identification technologies in different types of complex business processes, especially when dealing with so much needed data. However, when each of the key elements and goals of a project are rightly analyzed and ordered towards the proper solution, simple and effective solutions are guaranteed to make the design and implementation process smooth and successful.

Effective project management requires a team with expertise and experience who can effectively analyze and employ the correct methodology required.  Seemingly small details that may be overlooked can result in costly mistakes for both the user and the integration teams.

Dipole RFID's project management service includes:


Of KPI's, requirements and proficiencies

Selecting the right technologies

Identifying and selecting the right technologies that are best suited to the business requirements and process

Selection and coordination of suppliers

For each of the elements involved in the project

Coordination of subcontractors

And third parties in accordance with the project requirements

Ensuring compliance

In the use and employment of new technologies to the business

IT integration

With your company and third parties involved

User training

During and after deployment

Quality management

Verification processes and compliance with KPI's standards