RFID Readers

Readers are grouped as follows: Fixed Readers Portable or Handheld Readers USB Desktop Readers Forklift Readers These 4 large segments of RFID readers cover almost 100% of all users' needs and provide answers to intelligent data capture. To all of them except the manual, you can use a wide range of antennas that multiply the possibilities of adaptability to almost all market sectors.


Speedway Box GPIO

Impinj have designed the Speedway Revolution GPIO Box for use in conjunction with the Speedway Revolution reader to provide convenient access to the reader's GPIO port.

The GPIO box interfaces with the reader via a supplied HD15 cable and separates each input and output signal onto easily accessible screw terminals. Neighboring power and ground terminals accompany each signal terminal for easy connection of three-wire devices. The Speedway Box GPIO also includes a built-in relay to interface with devices that require a high wattage or open/short signal.



Product description Speedway Box GPIO

The Speedway Box GPIO is built with a polycarbonate body and is easily accessible and each output can provide 250mA at 24V with external universal power supply.

It incorporates high visibility LED indicators for each input and output, facilitating troubleshooting and diagnosis.

It has dimensions of 120 mm x 80 mm x 55 mm.

Product code: IPJ-A5000-000

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