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A software platform designed and designed to capture data dynamically and intelligently in any business structure The captured data are managed with intelligence to acquire practicality and ready to act. It is able to control in real time the physical movements of goods, containers, people, returnable assets and others, without human intervention. It easily integrates with any ERP, WMS, MES, business management software or any other application, even in Kanban, Lean or other procedures. Install, connect and operate. You don't need to learn RFID and NFC technologies in depth, the software does the work for you. Connect with the hardware and collect its features. It has several pre-defined scenarios, allowing you to configure them. It provides the data ready to be used: "what" has been read, "where" has been read, "when" has been read. Optionally you can get the "status" and "addressability". In Dipole we have our own softwares, both desktop and mobile apps that are optimized for: Expedition Management Inventory management Asset tracking management Management for the reception of merchandise Supply chain management Traceability Management Management in the industry


RFID Software Dipole Link™

If you want to implement RFID technology easily, we recommend using RFID Dipole-Link™ software as an extension on your reader. This will allow you to instantly receive captured readings and provide your reader with a new capability for fast reading, resulting in reduced implementation costs and simplified reading.

Key features of the software:

  • Integrated Software: Install it on your reader in just 2 minutes and start receiving RFID data instantly.
  • Ease of Use: Control antenna operations and reader properties easily through any web browser.
  • Quick Integration: Receive preprocessed RFID readings and make the most of the data immediately.


Product Description Dipole Link™

The main functions of the software are described below:

Distributed Applications: These applications involve multiple readers distributed at different locations. This configuration prevents network overload, and if monitoring is not required, auxiliary computers can be omitted. Data is managed centrally, simplifying the software responsible for processing the information read.

Remote Reading: These applications use multiple readers that communicate with the server via HTTP. This allows for readings to be obtained from any location, making it particularly suitable for sporting events and geographically remote tracking points.

USB Recording: This function allows you to record and save your readings on a USB Flash Drive device. Readings are recorded in text format for subsequent analysis. This function can operate simultaneously with other data output modes.

Custom Data Configuration: Obtain your reading data in a CSV format tailored to your specific needs. You can select from various delimiters and line endings to obtain information such as antenna, EPC code, timestamp, and RSSI power.

  • Technology: HF, NFC, LF, UHF

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