Optimizing Processes with RFID

The use of RFID technology has already proven to optimize business processes, especially those requiring and depending on accurate, real time data.

Dipole RFID's solutions provide you:

A wide range of tools to optimize your business processes so you can finally get the efficiency and productivity for your business you always needed. Take advantage of the applications offered by new technologies in your company and see the rewards instantly.

Eliminate unproductive data

And information recording by an operator (remove administrative work that does not add value to the product)

Increase the efficiency

Of operational tasks

Reduce stock

Of raw materials, production, distribution or retail products

Know the traceability

Of products and processes

Use "dash-boards"

Or operational control panels to know the situation and status of your items instantly and make safe decisions


Based on dates, lots or other KPI for your business


Allowing you to be aware of actions taken in remote locations and retrieving information wherever and whenever you need it

Integrate your data

And take advantage of simple and effective "business analytics"

Simplification and Reliability. Reduce Operating Costs

Dipole RFID solutions will not only update and modernize your operations, we will also help you to simplify and enhance your traditional production and logistics processes such as:

Lean. Agile management processes; zero waste; elimination of non-value tasks.

Kanban. Production control to harmonize processes and consider them as units or companies within the chain itself.

MES. Manufacturing Execution System, management and monitoring of production processes in the plant.

Traceability. Obtaining the recording of materials and processes involved in the manufacture and distribution of products.