On Metal tags

Dipole RFID tags will allow you to identify goods, items and assets using RFID technology with any product, environment and surface matieral: metal, plastic, glass, wood, water, etc.

An RFID tag is just a way to "package" a chip with an antenna so that it can be used for the purposes proposed, that is, it is not the same to encapsulate a chip and prepare it for water than to prepare it for high temperatures.

Therefore, the diversity of RFID tags that can be found in the market has no limit, there is a tag for everything and we can hardly find without a tag with which to identify our products.

Universal RFID Tags: Those that are common for a wide variety of applications and situations are considered, they are not customized and work with UHF Gen 2 standard frequencies. We can find:

  • Rectangular Tags
  • Circular tags
  • Tags UHF Gen 2
  • Tags Flexible Plastics
  • Tags for high temperatures

At the same time the tags can be active or passive, that is, they can carry or not carry a battery. The battery makes the tag return signal more powerful and activated when the antenna signal arrives, which is why they are called active.

Applications of RFID Tags

RFID tags can be applied in practically unimaginable situations, obtaining the data in real time where they occur and when they occur.

  • Returnable or reusable assets (non-metallic): drawers, dollies, pallets, containers, etc.
  • Returnable or reusable assets (metal): cars, cages, stretchers, chairs, etc.
  • Assets of IT and Systems, Portable PCs
  • Containers in Manufacturing, Logistics, Order preparation
  • Assets in Health and Hospitals
  • Industrial and Sanitary Laundries
  • Tags for application on metals

RFID Labels on Metal

RFID Labels on Metal

RFID tags on metal are designed to be attached to a metal surface without the need for a plastic layer. The advantage of these labels is that you can print and encode RFID with a standard printer and come with different measures according to the read ranges that are required for the application: tools, IT, office objects, etc.

Frequency: UHF 860-960MHz

International standards: ISO 18000-6C

EPC Class 1 Gen 2

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RFID Metal Tags

RFID Metal Tags

Passive and active tags for metals that are used to control IT assets, in sectors such as energy, machinery rental, manufacturing and logistics. We have labels with different reading ranges, durability and resistance.

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