Labs with RFID

LAMA is a solution by Dipole aimed at achieving a digitalization of  inventories, gain productivity, and facilitate norm compliance.

LAMA platform, digitalize inventories

In this digital world with real-time data, the way we treat processes and workflows are changing to gain productivity. The objective is to achieve more efficient laboratories that can facilitate the research, production and discovery of new products.

Through advanced identification systems such as RFID and NFC, together with LAMA system, we provide quality and security in data recollection for inventories, workflows, logistic processes or documentation, to save time and comply with regulations.

Product and samples inventories

Gaining speed in reading products without having a direct view of the label allows you to ensure traceability at control points and carry out inventories much more frequently.

Control of movements between plants or zones

Have you left for the warehouse? What state is the product in? Read with RFID to immediately handle the products to change their location.


Control of dates and registration of information reduces security risks. It improves traceability since it uniquely identifies each product or sample, facilitating compliance with the standard and avoiding human error.