Internal Traceability

Internal traceability refers to the methods, procedures and elements needed for tracking and recording data within a business's processes.

Internal tracking takes place when goods or raw materials are received, processed and the product is delivered to third parties.

The goal is to keep track of the properties of all products involved in the manufacturing or handling process from beginning to end, aquiring the information necessary for a complete tracking system.

This method of tracking supports the following business processes:

Receipt of goods or raw materials

Warehouse management

Production line processes

Internal logistics processes

Identification and labeling

Traceability Standards

Order selection and packaging

Expedited processes

Implementing Internal Traceability

This kind of implementations has a lot to do with the optimization of business processes and obtaining the visibility of the supply chain.

Use the solutions that Dipole has developed for each process and sectoral application, you will find the simple and simple way to implement traceability while improving live and real-time information that will allow you to make safe decisions.

RFID solutions to optimize processes common to a wide variety of companies

RFID applications for different sectors, solutions adapted to each sector

Raw Material Reception

Raw Material Reception

Using RFID technology for receiving goods, you will get a reduction in labor by not needing to "disassemble" the pallets. You will also obtain the highest reliability in data capture with the introduction into your management system or ERP.

Time and Alerts

Time and Alerts

Whether raw material, semi-finished product or finished product, warehouse management using RFID allows you to record merchandise movements without human interaction. Use alerts to get knowledge of your KPIs.

RFID On-Line in Processes

RFID On-Line in Processes

With the use of RFID tags and strategically positioned antennas, we will be adding the information generated in each process automatically and we will obtain the data in real time with its alerts and diversion parameters.

EAN-GS1-128 labeling

EAN-GS1-128 labeling

Drag the data to the outputs of each pallet production line, associating the entries, lots and related data to the products of the pallets made. Time control per line.