Industrial RFID

Key for data collection in manufacturing plants and its various production processes, as well as in the optimization of costs and time consuming tasks, Industrial RFID technology will yeild immediate benefits and results.

Dipole RFID is a pioneer in the use of RFID technology for industrial applications and in the optimization of production processes. Essential to staying competitive in today's market, RFID technology can help your business acheive higher levels of productivity, reduction in costs, particularly in labor resources and time invested in processes that do not add value to the product, and drastically improve schedules, timelines and forecasts for surpassing your goals.

Allowing you to capture data instantly, without human intervention, so you can keep track of time, resources and manage processes intelligently, are just some of the contributions of RFID technology in industrial processes.

Available in low, high and ultra-high frequency (LF, HF, UHF), customers can benefit from

Lower operational costs

Improved stock management

Decreased stock levels

Reduced loss and theft

Accelerated logistics processes

Reduced or eliminated handling errors

Our product portfolio for industry and logistics applications covers a broad bandwidth of transponders for

Industrial automation



in-bound logistics & out-bound logistics.

RFID features many benefits to manufacturers, distributors and retailers:

Better traceability and visibility

Minimized possibility for human errors

Secured availability of goods

Reliable information of products origin

Better customer service

Process optimization and faster billing

Optimization of shipping papers

4.0  Industry Visibility

4.0 Industry Visibility

Control panel for the visibility of KPIs of production processes. The RFID allows you to monitor live and reliable data at the time events occur.

Process control and digitization

Process control and digitization

Assurance of production processes with their intermediate semi-finished products and time control. Tare management of direct personnel and association with traceability.

Identification of packages and products

Identification of packages and products

Intelligent packaging identification, associating product information with customer orders or shipments. Validation to print the packing list.