Guaranteed Shipping with RFID

RFID technology provides reliability in the movement of goods, ensuring not only fast delivery times, but the ability to ensure that shipments are correct and follow the desired order.

The loading process for shipment is one of the most essential aspects for ensuring quality in the fulfillment and shipment of orders to customers.  With Dipole RFID's custom solutions, you can guarantee fast shipments and avoid mistakes in deliveries and the associated costs that such errors entail.

With an intelligent management of expeditions you will get:

Management and real-time

Logging of truck loads and outgoing shipments

Generating key business data

And recording loading dates, times or other properties

Elimination of manual data

Elimination of manual data recording and information gathering (remove administrative work that does not add value)

Instant and automatic registration

Of movements between entryways and dwarehouses

Validation alerts

In accordance with the order, dates, loads or other KPI of your business

Bulk validation alerts

In accordance with waybills, routes or other KPI properties


And full visibility to the actions performed in remote shipping points, ensuring you get the data where and when it is generated

Automatic identification of locations

When searching for merchandise, using the Data Storage Suite ™ module

Data Suite ™ Intelligent and Fast Shipping

The ideal software platform for intelligent shipping.

Record all your warehouse movements and operations in real time without human intervention, automating and enhancing the shipping process. Update data instantly without "batch" processes and get informed alerts. Record information where and when an event occurs and have instant knowledge and visibility, making the decision process easier and safer.

The Data Suite ™ software for shipping is designed precisely for the following processes and functions:

Loading and pre-loading shipments

Distribution centers

Logistics and order picking by routes

Logistics, pallet or container management

Perishable products, with dates and batch alerts

Fruits and Vegetables handling and care, for all types of SAT

Retail management of goods in store or distribution center

Drugs, medical devices and Hospitals


For More information on the Data Suite Software Module for Guaranteeing Shipments see page: Data Suite