Food safety regulations coupled with the need to obtain accurate traceability make the pairing of RFID and the food industry an extraordinary success.

The use of RFID in food refers to those industries that perform manufacturing processes, packaging and storage of food products.

These industries operate with a unique and customized set of food safety standards and processes, thus requiring a series of key data points pertaining to each manufactured food product. Key data includes:

  • Suggested consumption dates
  • Proper food packaging and manufacturing
  • Product weight
  • Registration conditions such as temperature, humidity, etc

Processes to which RFID brings value

RFID in the Food Industry: there is no doubt that the emergence of RFID technology applications to this dynamic sector has streamlined and optimized the supply chain processes from start to finish, providing real-time data to ensure food safety, compliance with regulations and much more. Some of the processes where RFID brings value are:

  • Identification at the moment and place of product reception along with codes, dates and batches of the supplier
  • Capturing data during the manufacturing processes
  • Labelling according to regulations
  • Complete visibility to overal proceseses and enhancing productivity
  • Avoiding the retention of obsolete or expired stocks with effective management of inventory alerts
  • Ensuring shipments to customers in a timely and accurate manner
  • Integration of movements and data in real time with your IT, ERP, MES, WMS or other system


Reception of Raw Goods

Using RFID technology in the receipt of goods allows you to reduce hours of labor by not needing to physically dismantle heavy and large pallets. You also get the highest reliability in data collection with the automatic introduction into your management system or ERP.

Warehouse management

With raw materials, semi-elaborated product or finished product, RFID in warehouse management allows you to drop off and pick up goods seamlessly with no human interaction. Use alerts to be aware of your KPI.

On-Line RFID Processes

With the use of RFID tags and antennas positioned strategically, information generated in each process will be obtained and stored automatically and real time alerts will keep you updated according to the requirements of your setup.


Traceability Forward and Backward

With Data Suite, you can obtain traceability at any time of the materials production in the supply chain. Pulling batches, dates, product variables, weights, sizes and other data related to the product.

Dipole works with international standards such as GS1, allowing companies to export their products to the EU and the US in compliance with European and FDA regulations.

Guaranteed Delivery

The importance of efficient and timely delivery ensures customer loyalty and satisfaction. Check truckloads, orders, batches and dates before loading.