The use of RFID technology in Agriculture aims at guaranteeing accurate traceability from the farm to the final consumer.

Field Data Capture: Data collection at the very origins of your business, associating with each pallet data such as dates of collection, field or plot, herd, humidity conditions, and any key data to provide accurate traceability.

Entrances and Camera Control: Control field entrances and effectively manage lots.  Entrances camera monitored with inventory control in real time utilizing alerts on maturation time and other associated processes.

Management of Pre-Calibrated Goods: Association of batch input data to each pre-calibrated pallet or crate, ensuring accurate traceability. 

Production Control: Obtain data from the exits of each production line of pallets, associating data input, sizes, varieties of items and related data. Control time for each production line. 



Traceability Forward and Backward

With Dipole RFID's custom software, Data Suite, you may obtain traceability going forward or backwards in the production and tracking of processes. Dragging lots, dates, varieties, weight, sizes and all key data related to your product.

Dipole works with international standards such as GS1, allowing the export of your products to the EU and US in compliance with European and FDA regulations.