Our NFC solutions will connect your products to your network and interact efficiently and immediately with the  end customer. We can help you record and oversee the tracking of mobile assets, authenticate your brand, gain control of attendance to an event or monitor a specific route or path.

The NFC solutions developed by Dipole RFID work on our reliable andd secure software application, DataSuite. This application allows you to track and monitor all of your items or devices in real time.

The advantages of NFC technology:



NFC Brand protection and product authentication for both consumers and owners of trademarks.


Track Tags and Readers

The DataSuite platform will provide instant data andinformation, whenever a read occurs. With set alerts, you will always know when an interaction occurs.

Promotions & Campaigns

Wherever your ad is placed, you can connect with your customer and offer personalized promotions.


Multi-Platform and Multi Device

Phones, Smartphones and Tablets. No matter the platform, the NFC device being used or the location, you can manage and control your tags with ease and simplicity.

Point of Sale Offers

Customer loyalty. Interact with your customers from any point or location you choose and have the ability to provide real time interactions and customize your message according to degree of loyalty. 


NFC Tags and Labels

We offer a wide variety of tags and customized labels using NFC technology for remote reading points, identification of items, cards and more.