Enhance your RFID reader with Dipole-Link ™ and start reading rapidly, decrease your implementation costs and read as if using a barcode.

Dipole-Link ™ makes RFID easy

If you want to experience and deploy RFID technology in a simpler, easier way, then use the Dipole-Link ™, a Dipole RFID software for your reader to instantly receive the captured readings:

  • Embedded Software. Install it onto the reader in 2 minutes and receive RFID data instantly.
  • Easy to use. Check the operation of the antennas and the properties of the reader through any browser.
  • Integrate fast. Receive the RFID readings already prepared and use the data in real time.

Distributed Applications

Readers with multiple applications distributed at different points.

You will be able to avoid network overload.  Auxiliary PC monitor can be avoided if needed. You will enjoy centralized data processing and simplicity in software to manage the data read.

Remote Reading

Remote reading consists of applications with multiple readers that communicate via the http server.

This allows you to capture and have visibility to readings from any location. Suitable for sporting events and geographically distant points tracking.

USB Recording

Record and keep your readings on a USB Flash Drive.

You will be able to record your readings in text format and can operate simultaneously with the other output modes.

Configure your Data

Get data from your readings in a CSV according to your needs.

With several types of delimiters and line endings, you can record data about antenna, EPC (Code), Timestamp, and much more.