Traceability is knowing the What, When, Where and Why of any product at any point in the supply chain when needed.

Smart ID

Smart ID

Choosing the type of identification method and technology determines the success in obtaining smart and intelligent data, allowing businesses to successfully obtain knowledge of information drawn through the chain.

Traceability Standards

Traceability Standards

Dipole RFID Solutions operates in compliance with the regulations set by the EU, FDA, GS1, EPCglobal and other Partner Organizations. 

traceability and guarantees to the consumer

Customer Satisfaction

Effective traceability is of great benefit to the final consumer, howevere its implementation in the supply chain provides tangible benefits to businesses and companies in countless ways.

Traceability can be defined simply as the ability to identify the current location, condition and history of a product, item or article. 

Your business can experience countless benefits and cost saving measures with the ability to track any article, merchandise item or product. The 4 following properties are the staples of RFID traceability:

  • The "what": identifying the product itself, knowing what it is called and how it works.
  • The "when": knowing in real time the circumstance or action of an item.
  • The "where": knowing the location of an item in real time when such a circumstance or action takes place.
  • The "why": knowing the purpose, state or the intended action that a product performs.

Traceablility as such seems simple and even basic at first glance, but the real power behind it is expressed in countless ways and applications. Dipole RFID Solutions has extensive experience in supply chain management, the exchange of goods, information and funds. We know how to create a tracking system in compliance with regulations to ensure customer safety, especially in those sectors that deal directly with human health.

Automating Traceability of your Business Processes

Manually tracking and obtaining vital information of your business processes on a daily basis requires massive amounts of time and resources, all the while increasing the possibility of errors and mistakes. This is why automated tracking and information gathering is crucial and revolutionary to today's businesses. 

The Benefits of Automating Processes to Achieve Traceability:

  • To consolidate and obtain instant visibility to the processes being performed on products or items, even if there are multiple locations.
  • To exchange information with customers and your administration in real time.
  • To perform inspections and administrative tasks safely and with increased security.
  • The quality of your processes with double in the first 6 months of implementation.
  • On average, we have seen companies with very stict and complex requirements in the management of traceability and oversight of their processes acheive a 75% success rate. 
  • Traceability has brought remarkable and instant changes and benefits to businesses who needed to add efficiency to their processes and informaiton gathering as well as heightening security and acheiving massive cost savings.