Dipole timing tag
  • Created the 14 from May from 2019

Dipole launches a last generation RFID timing tag

► The label is equipped with the Ucode8 or R6P, latest generation chips
► This new range of labels, one of the finest on the market (0,8 mm), allows customers to save on costs and space
► This new label arrived on the market thanks to many years of co-working development in different countries

This week, Dipole launched a new RFID timing label which is the finest label on the market. This label, that measures 0.8 mm of thickness, is added to 2, 3, 4- and 5-mm products that Dipole already run for years for races, marathons, cycling, trail, motocross, triathlons, rallies, skiing, etc.

Thousands of Dipole’s RFID labels are used every day in the world to time races in more than 60 countries. With a strong experience in developing these labels thanks to close relations and many years spent working with the biggest timing companies of the sector. That is why, the company have decided to develop a new gamma of thin labels with a gain of reduced costs and size having the same result. Dipole’s label is the most efficient sport timing label on the market nowadays.

Dipole have in mind that sports timing has to be efficient and secure and does not allowed any mistakes in the detection process. RFID label’s reading ratio is almost 100 pour cents.

This guarantee of fidelity works for any sport discipline such as races, etc. and the system is easy to use by clipping the label on the back of running people, it withstands sweat and temperature changes.

To learn more about the product, you can request free samples in the mail dipole@dipole.es.