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What is NFC Technology

NFC: What is it and how it Works

01 from January from 1970

Within RFID technology, which we have previously been able to explain, we find the well-known NFC (Near Field Communication) concept, another type...

RFID portal for 4.0 industry

Dipole Portal: transform your logistic procedures and...

01 from January from 1970

This year we will participate for the first time in Advanced Factories, a fair specialized in 4.0 Industry that will be held in Barcelona during...

RFID Labels: Definition and Applications

RFID Labels: Definition and Applications

08 from January from 2019

Concepts such as digitalization, IOT, industry 4.0, or traceability, are heard more and more frequently among the most diverse sectors. One of the...

RFID Retail Tags

RFID Tags Decathlon, Inditex and El Corte Ingles

01 from January from 1970

RFID DECATHLON, INDITEX AND EL CORTE INGLES TAGSSince the use of RFID in the Second World War to differentiate airplanes from different sides,...

RFID systems

Types of RFID systems

06 from January from 2017

Now that you know how a RFID system works, it is time to get to know the different types of RFID systems in the market. Depending on the frequency...

Universal LLRP protocol

Universal LLRP Protocol

01 from January from 1970

The universal LLRP protocol is the standardized and commonly adopted communication system to communicate between RFID readers and software...

key factors of RFID readers

Key factors of RFID readers

01 from January from 1970

Knowing the key factors of RFID readers will allow you to properly assess their performance and choose the most appropriate one according to your...