RFID portal for 4.0 industry
  • Created the 26 from February from 2020

Dipole Portal: transform your logistic procedures and adapt yourself to the 4.0 industry

This year we will participate for the first time in Advanced Factories, a fair specialized in 4.0 Industry that will be held in Barcelona during the next 3 and 5 of March. We are presenting there our new RFID portal, Dipole Portal, which has been equipped with the latest advances in RFID antennas.

The digitalization of processes has led the industry to use RFID technology more frequently every day. In Dipole we are aware of this transformation, which has prompted us to develop our RFID portal in order to provide solutions to the existing challenges in these industrial and logistic environments, so complex in many occasions.

Dipole Portal is very suitable for use in transit or loading and unloading areas. Its reading capacity allows you to read without complications both small and large quantities of RFID labels. It offers a 99% reading accuracy, as long as the environment permits it.

Key elements of Dipole Portal

As we did in our article on the key factors of RFID readers, we will explain below some of the most notable advantages offered by our RFID portal.

One of its most important components is the RFID antenna it has installed. The design of this RFID antenna is very new, never seen before in these kind of products. It is designed specifically for portals, and allows the user to control the reading area. This way, we achieve a uniform detection of all RFID labels that cross the portal, regardless of their orientation.

Dipole Portal has light sensors to generate alerts and ease the workers' duties. Another of its great advantages is its design, which makes it very fast and easy to install: if you already have an RFID middleware, you will only have to connect the portal to make it work. In a matter of minutes you can have a perfectly functional RFID portal that will greatly improve the efficiency of your logistics procedures.


About Dipole

We are a leading company in process digitalization and systems integration. We develop complete and customizable RFID solutions, aimed at 4.0 Industry and IOT applications. In Dipole we are always in constant evolution to adapt to the technological advances that are being produced, and thus be able to offer the most innovative and effective solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.