RFID Inventory Management Medline

The control of disease starts with inventory management

28 from June from 2021

Controlling hospital inventory is critical to ensure that patients can be treated in the best possible way.  If the right products aren’t...

Adoption of blockchain technology imply for RFID

What would the adoption of blockchain technology imply...

29 from April from 2021

According to Statista, there are currently more than 10 billion IoT devices, although this figure is expected to increase exponentially and could...

Differences between RFID and NFC

Differences between RFID and NFC

29 from January from 2021

The Dipole blog we have been publishing articles that are very useful when it comes to knowing the basics of how RFID technology works, as well as...

What is NFC Technology

NFC: What is it and how it Works

15 from April from 2020

Within RFID technology, which we have previously been able to explain, we find the well-known NFC (Near Field Communication) concept, another type...