Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is a powerful RFID tool, allows you to have full visibility and control of containers, pallets, crates, and RTI (Reusable Transport Items).

Dipole Solution for asset tracking

Assets can be divided into two distinct classifications:

RTI (Reusable Transport Items) which consists of containers, cases, crates, buckets, boxes and such elements as are used to transport products and goods with or without return.

High Value Assets: such as elements found in IT, mobile machinery used at worksites or hospitals, jewelry.

With Dipole RFID's asset tracking solution, you can easily associate containers with their content and attributes for each asset (such as part number, expiration date, order date, order number), allowing complete control of the movement of goods and obtaining traceability.

Intelligent Asset Tracking Benefits:

Control and real-time recording

Of all movements and operational tasks

Location and comprehensive overview

Of asset locations at every moment

Elimination of unproductive data recording

And information handled by a human operator (remove administrative work that does not add value to the product)

Reliable and accurate knowledge

of the situation or status of each asset

Instant and automatic

Doorway or gateway registration of movements between warehouses, stores or other locations


By dates, lots or other KPI of your business

Mobile access

Allowing you to be aware of the actions of items in remote locations, get information wherever, whenever you need it

Record temperature

Humidity, environmental changes in critical processes and products

Data Suite™ Assets, Intelligent Asset Management

DataSuite, developed by Dipole RFID, is the ideal platform software that will allow the full support and tools for intelligent management of assets, providing full visibility to your items when you need it. .

Record item movements in real time without human intervention, andd gain live visibility online. Updated instantly without "batch"  processes and get informed based alerts. View information where the events occur or where they need to make decisions.

Our DataSuite™ Software for Assets is designed for:

Registration and control of wood, metal or plastic containers, including, fruit and vegetable bins

Cases and crates for food safety

Trays for food processing, pharmaceutical handling

Cages and Containers for Automotive parts

Computer Assets (IT), for controlling computer hardware

Containers for transporting goods

More info on Assets Software Module: DataSuite