UHF Tags

RFID Tag Alien Technology ALN-9835 “Express” RFID inlay

Alien Technology's ALN-9835 “Express” RFID inlay offers a high performance and reliable reads for Retail/ Supply Chain and similar applications.

Product Description

Alien Technology's ALN-9835 “Express” RFID inlay is a very recommendable option for retail/supply chain and similar operations, where there's a need for robust performance, but a lack of space for a larger inlay. This RFID tag ensures the reliability of the data it stores, and gives extra protection against data loss or corruption.

  • Protocols Supported: ISO/IEC 18000-6C / GS1 Class 1 Gen 2
  • Integrated Circuit: Alien Higgs™-EC
  • Operating Frequency: 840–960 MHz
  • User Memory: 128 Bits
  • Recommended Storage: +77ºF [+25°C] @ 40% RH
  • Dimensions: 70x12.7mm
  • Applications: Retail/Apparel / Supply Chain / General Asset Management / Compact/High Performance