NFC Tags

NFC Tag Smartrac Circus Dura NXP NTAG 213

The RFID tags Smartrac CIRCUS DURA have been specifically designed with an enhanced environmental resistance for demanding brand and retail applications. CIRCUS DURA is a small, robust and cost-effective tag.

Product Description

Benefits Smartrac Circus Dura: Robust structure, Enhanced resistance against harsh environments.

  • Frequency: 13,56Mhz
  • Integrated Circuit (IC): NXP NTAG 213
  • Antenna Size: Ø 20 mm (0.79 in)
  • Die-cut Size: Ø 22 mm (0.87 in)
  • Memory: 144 bytes user memory
  • Format: Dry, Wet.
  • Inlay Thickness: 505 µm
  • Units per roll: 2.000 
  • Optional services: printing and encoding NFC.
  • International Standards: ISO 14443, NFC Forum
  • NFC Application Areas: Retail, Brand Protection, Customer Experiences, Product Authentication and many more.