Industrial RFID Printers

RFID Printer Zebra ZT410

Optimized to accurately and efficiently print and encode labels for today’s item-level tracking applications, the ZT410 Series RFID gives you enhanced tracking capabilities and deeper visibility. Adaptive encoding technology allows for excellent media flexibility and simple RFID calibration,eliminating complex placement guidelines.

Zebra ZT410 Product Description

The ZT410 RFID printer/ encoders pair UHF RFID capabilities with proven durability to help keep your critical operations running efficiently. Known as price-performance leaders in RFID labeling, the ZT410 RFID supports a broad range of applications across several industries.

Ideal for These Applications

  • Manufacturing: item-level tagging, asset tagging, work-in-process, product ID/serial numbers, packaging labeling, receiving/putaway labeling
  • Transportation & Logistics: order picking/packing, shipping/receiving, cross-docking, compliance labeling, pallet/asset tagging
  • Retail: back-of-store operations, item-level tagging, distribution centers, security tagging
  • Healthcare: laboratory labeling, specimen labeling, pharmacy labeling, asset management/tagging

RFID features:

  • Integrated UHF EPC Gen 2 V1.2 / ISO 18000-6C RFID encoder.
  • Prints and encodes EPC Gen 2 tags with a step de16mm / .60 inch
  • Incorporated technology to choose the optimum coding
  • Automatic calibration label size 51mm / 2 "or larger.
  • RFID processes that facilitate easy configuration
  • Integrated reader / encoder ThingMagic