Wide Range RFID Antennas

Impinj Threshold RFID Antenna

The Impinj Threshold antenna is ideal for boundary/threshold crossing applications. Available with linear polarization.

Impinj Threshold Product Description

the Impinj Threshold antenna has a very wide beam width to maximize zone coverage. Threshold antennas provide a consistent and continuous read zone when linearly distributed head-to-tail. At 46 x 9 x 2 cm, the Threshold antenna’s planar form factor fits readily onto fencing or other borders.

  • Opetaring Frequency: ETSI (EU): 865 - 870 MHz & FCC (US): 902 - 928 MHz
  • Far-field Gain 5.0 dBi
  • HPBW (x-z plane) 60º+3º Deg 3 dB beam width
  • HPBW (y-z plane) 120º+3º Deg 3 dB beam width
  • Pattern Variation (x-y plane) 10 dBi Between max and min
  • Polarization Linear Parallel to short axis
  • VSWR1 2:1
  • Input Impedance 50 Ω
  • Input Power 30 dBm 33dBm absolute max
  • ESD 2 KV Human Body Model