External RFID Antennas

Antenna Zebra AN440

The robust AN440 RFID antenna delivers the high performance, capacity and range.

Zebra AN440 Product Description

Zebra's AN440 RFID Antenna is used for ceilings and walls to create superior reading zones around shelves, driveways and bottlenecks, ortales, exit gates and conveyor belts, and difficult RF environments.

  • Frequency: 865-868 MHz (ETSI) & 902-928 MHz (FCC)
  • Size: 575.1 x 259.1 x 33.52 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 Kg
  • Polarization: 1 x LHCP / 1 x RHCP 
  • Degree of Protection: IP67
  • Gain: 6 dBiC
  • Application Areas: Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Field Mobility