HF frequency 13.56 Mhz: Iso 15693, ISO 1800-3 Mode 1.3. is globally accepted for access control, pharmaceutical products, bookstores and more. We offer tags from the NXP family ICODE SLIX 1k bit, MIFARE Classic 1k or Ultralight. Just tell us what your memory, reading, and security requirements are and we will find the best tag to meet your needs.

Smartrac Block Inlay

Smartrac Block inlays are designed to manage such tracking as is necessary in libraries and media.

Race Track HF

Thesize of a credit card. Used for many applications for access control or tracking of products such as books and documents. Very easy to detect...

Smartrac Band NXP Icode ILT-M IC

BAND tags and inlays with NXP ICode ILT-M ICs have a slim antenna design to fit the margin of documents to not interfere with document contents....

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